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Hi There Everyone!

My name is Ashley Palazzo and I am a first year graduate student at George Mason University. I am pursuing a masters of art in history with a concentration in applied history with a specialization in world history. I have always known that I wanted to dedicate my life and career to researching history, preserving the past, and to be able to share my passion with others. 

I achieved my Bachelors of Science in Education degree in History Education from Missouri State University and have obtained a teaching certification in the state of Missouri. During my time at Missouri State, I took an interest in specifically the world history and the historiography courses.

My general research interests lie in the realm of world history, ancient civilizations, and how people living in those civilizations conducted their everyday lives. I am fascinated by the cultural history of the first civilizations to have existed.

Missouri State also provided me the opportunity to study abroad in Cusco, Peru. I fell in love with their history and knew that I wanted to dedicate my career to bringing history into the minds and hands of the average person. During my time in Peru, I took courses through the University of Salamanca focusing on the history of the Inca civilization and Latin American politics. I worked with the Ministry of Culture in Peru in preserving ancient Inca walls in the streets of Cusco. This unique opportunity allowed me to network with a governing body of the Peruvian government and gain real archaeological experience. I also learned the importance of preserving the ancient history of the Incan culture and how studying their history can be a benefit to society.

This online portfolio is a collection of my work in my Digital Humanities course with George Mason University. 

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