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Beulah Atkins.m4a
Records the reminiscences of Beulah Atkins, who grew up in Beech Spring, Virginia prior to the establishment of Shenandoah National Park in 1934. Describes her home and family life, schooling, holidays and community events. Among the topics discussed…

Harold Baugher SNP.m4a
Records the reminiscences of Harold Baugher who grew up in Swift Run, Virginia, in the 1930s, on a farm that became part of Shenandoah National Park. Describes home and family life, daily chores, schooling, holidays and community events. Among the…

Hoover Weeend aids poor mountain folk.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the paper, The New York Times from May 3rd, 1932 and reports on aid given to the ‘poor mountain folk’. This article goes into detail about the conditions that the families living in the hollows of the Blue Ridge Mountain…

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Inside a Corbin Hollow home.jpg
An image of the inside of a mountain home located in Corbin Hollow.

Miriam Sizer.jpg
An image of Miriam Sizer, an official from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Road to Nicholson Hollow.jpg
An image of the roadway to Nicholson Hollow.

Schoolhouse in Corbin Hollow.jpg
An image of the schoolhouse that was in Corbin Hollow.

School teacher and student Corbin Hollow.jpg
An image of the school teacher in Corbin Hollow standing outside of schoolhouse with a student.

Home of Bailey Nicholson.jpg
An image of Bailey Nicholson's home in Nicholson Hollow, Shenandoah National Park, VA.

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